LONDON, United Kingdom 19 January 2016 today announced a formal partnership with DataStax! DataStax is the provider of world’s leading data platform built on Apache Cassandra, Apache Solr, and Apache Spark, purpose-built for the performance and availability demands of web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Many mission critical internet facing applications are relying on DataStax Enterprise software to build disaster proof, always on data backend. In partnership with DataStax, provides the operational expertise in maintaining this cutting edge distributed database platform in enterprise environments across many industry verticals from financial services, media, utilities, gaming, e-commerce, telecoms, to industrial use cases.

Organisations transitioning from RDBMS to Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise can obtain our expertise on;

  • Migration strategy
  • Integration of the software with enterprise systems, security, processes, and the strong knowledge of enterprise application development practices
  • Operational confidence from our managed services solution

Greenfield projects can benefit from our expertise on;

  • Architecture expertise in designing for scale and resiliency
  • Integrating with Agile teams and continuous delivery lifecycle
  • Operational expertise post go-live Expertise

By engaging customers will have access to some of the very best talents in the industry on designing, tuning, and administering the platform without the worry of staff retention. The services we offer include proactive monitoring, reporting, and participation during incidents.

Our managed service for DataStax Enterprise can be hosted in the customer’s own data centres, in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provides such as Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, or any other providers, or hybrid across any of the above.

For more information, please contact us.

About is a company founded by ex-DataStax Solutions Architects who, together have 40 years of experience in building complex enterprise software, platforms, processes, and automation tools. Through this knowledge and experience, supports development organisations and central IT functions in adopting new distributed data technologies to gain competitive advantages. The team is located in London and supports the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.