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DevOps – A real timesaver

  • Modern business is defined by time. After all, time is money.
  • Time to market. Time to ROI. Time to fix. Time to deploy. 
  • Every strategic operation is defined by time.
  • DevOps services from Digitalis help you save time and boost the quality of your software.

  • Our embedded experts work alongside your team to implement Agile development strategies and DevOps principles, streamlining and automating workloads in the Cloud.
  • We are here to help you build a culture of continuous improvement and delivery.


Where are you now? Where do you want to be? Our DevOps consultants outline a roadmap for improvement.


Embedded DevOps consultants ensure you have access to the skills and experience required for successful implementation.


Automated, audited, version controlled and tested – your production environment is aligned with best-practice DevOps principles.


Focus on strategic projects while Digitalis takes care of provisioning, backups, repairs, patching and routine maintenance of your DevOps.

Why DevOps?

Business agility and successful digital transformation rely on rapid, unrestricted access to data.
DevOps aligns your development and operations teams to accelerate application development and deployment. 
Part culture, part technology, part automation, DevOps services from Digitalis deliver some important benefits:

  • Agile, consistent, predictable and reliable application deployments – even as stakeholder demands change.
  • Fosters a truly collaborative culture focused on shared business outcomes.
  • Increased productivity and quality of software.
  • Better informed decision making to deliver better outcomes.
  • Faster resolution of issues and problems, minimising negative impact on operations.
  • Increased end-user satisfaction.
  • Cost reductions and efficiency gains, releasing funds for reinvestment in other strategic projects.

Digitalis applies DevOps principles to every customer project.

What can we do for you?

From first-time DevOps deployments to refinement of established processes, Digitalis can assist.

Automation & Continuous Improvement

We align people, processes and technology to automate common tasks, accelerate production and help you build continuous improvement capabilities.


We help you select and implement cloud technologies required to help your business increase operational agility and deliver faster.

Operations management

Automated monitoring and alerting allow you to stay on top of fast-moving projects. Our embedded consultants will help keep operations aligned with DevOps principles.


Happy Customers

Simon Dawson

SRE Development and Architecture Lead – Atom Bank

Working with Digitalis has felt more like a partnership than a client/vendor relationship. This was reflected from the outset, in terms of how easily their DevOps engineers transitioned into our team. They provided us with a deep level of technical expertise, coupled with a great attitude and desire to go the extra mile. Without the expertise of Digitalis, we would not have delivered against some of our key technology milestones.