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Simplify your technology and focus on your business


We have a deep knowledge of enterprises and can integrate into your organisations platform regardless of how you want to be deployed. We support on-premise, cloud or even hybrid deployments! Our managed service supports you in how you want to work, making sure the security and availability of your data is uncompromised.


Improve your enterprise operation of deploying distributed data platforms with our expert experience in DevOps practices. We can make infrastructure changes a breeze by introducing repeatability, predictability, and auditing into your organisation.


We specialise in building internet scale web/mobile/IoT application platforms that require disaster avoidance zero down-time architecture. We can work with both greenfield or transformational projects to help take your company to the 21st century.


Standard RDBMS DBA knowledge won’t cut it in the new world of distributed data. Your customers expect 100% uptime, zero latency, and trusting you to defend their personal data. We can transform your organisation through excellent data engineering, integration, security, and data quality practices.


Apache Cassandra ™


We can provide operational support and manage your Apache Cassandra. We recognise and understand the challenges facing a modern business when adopting a new technologies. With our assistance you can integrate your Cassandra  deployments into your existing platform with the minimal of disruption. If you wish, we can also assist with assessing your current operational processes.


DataStax Enterprise (DSE) builds its platform on Apache Cassandra, with enterprise class features such as security and management. DSE also elegantly integrates Apache Solr for enterprise search, and Apache Spark providing distributed analytics capabilities on data stored in Cassandra, making this a massively powerful multi-disciplinary data platform. We provide the expertise in building and managing DSE environments, leaving your organisation to focus on the business.

DataStax Enterprise ™
Apache Spark ™


Apache Spark is revolutionising the data analytics market right now. It is a general purpose distributed analytics platform that deals with large scale data set. Its rich API makes distributed computing extremely simple. It offers two major approaches to analysing data – batch processing and streaming. Unlike other similar technologies, it has no storage engine of its own. Instead it relies on connectivities to HDFS, RDBMS, and NoSQL technologies such as Apache Cassandra. digitalis.io can help your organisation adopt this amazing technology by taking care of the operational aspect of deploying this technology.


Apache Kafka is a highly scalable and fault tolerant messaging platform that is capable of ingesting and delivering massive internet scale volume of data without any loss of data. digitalis.io provides operational confidence of running this highly distributed messaging system.

Apache Kafka ™