Internet Scale Data

Today’s internet users place high expectations of your services – always available, low response times, and they come in large volumes. We are a team of experts with a deep knowledge of how this new breed of real-time distributed data systems are effectively used to help enterprises scale their online businesses. Please click the button below and we will be in touch to discuss how we can help.



Managed Services

With our managed services offering we look after all operational aspects of distributed data technologies for our customers. These include upgrades, performance tuning, backups, monitoring & alerting, scaling, DevOps automation, participation during incidents etc. We help enterprises rapidly adopt the technologies without the hassle of acquiring and retaining talents.


Our team of experts can provide consulting in a number of areas including:

  • Architecture
  • Data modelling
  • Application code validation
  • Implementation
  • Bespoke Development
  • Automation
  • Operations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Troubleshooting


We offer a bespoke DevOps service where our experienced team can build systems and components leveraging distributed data technologies. We follow industry standard best practices and know how to make your platform a success. Let us simplify your delivery so you can focus on your business.


Our consultants provides our client with strategic support on decision making process for the future of data and information from capture, manage, analysis to implementation.



Apache Cassandra is a well proven NoSQL database enabling enterprises to scale their online services. It is becoming the de-facto standard database for web, mobile and internet-of-things applications. So much so, that companies such as Apple, Netflix, Spotify would not be able to effectively operationalise their online services without Apache Cassandra. We have been working with this software since version 0.6 and have helped numerous companies adopt this technology successfully.


DataStax Enterprise (DSE) builds its platform on Apache Cassandra, with enterprise class features such as security and management. DSE also elegantly integrates Apache Solr for enterprise search, and Apache Spark providing distributed analytics capabilities on data stored in Cassandra, making this a massively powerful multi-disciplinary data platform. We provide the expertise in building and managing DSE environments, leaving your organisation to focus on the business.


Apache Spark is revolutionising the data analytics market right now. It is a general purpose distributed analytics platform that deals with large scale data set. Its rich API makes distributed computing extremely simple. It offers two paradigms of analysing data – batch processing and streaming. Unlike other similar technologies, it has no storage engine of its own. Instead it relies on connectivities to HDFS, RDBMS, and NoSQL technologies such as Apache Cassandra. can help your organisation adopt this amazing technology by taking care of the all aspects of deploying this technology.


Apache Kafka is a highly scalable and fault tolerant messaging platform that is capable of ingesting and delivering massive internet scale volume of data without any loss of data. provides operational confidence of running this highly distributed messaging system.



Some of our customers

We have been successfully helping some prestigious brands and they trust us with their critical data. provides the breadth and depth of knowledge and skill set in order to drive your projects forward, as well as the confidence in making them successful. Follow this link to see what some of the customers are saying about us.





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