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Apache Cassandra

The de facto standard database for low latency, scale throughout and resilience


Why choose Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra was initially developed at Facebook has been open-source since 2008. Numerous businesses have since adopted the technology, and now it is the de facto standard database where scale, throughput, low-latency, resilience, and multi-DC capabilities are required. 

Cassandra has become a popular big data database technology for use in a range of industries:

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance enterprises have to process a vast volume of real-time data – and customer demand for accessing data-driven services are only increasing. Traditional mainframes are no-longer capable of serving users that are typically accessing their account data a number of times each day via mobile apps.

Built for the Cloud, Cassandra allows customers to access their data whenever they want and much more, including backend operations.

A heavily regulated industry with requirements to store a large volume of internal operational data. Cassandra is also frequently used for the storage and retrieval of operational data including:

  • Audit and security events
  • Operational metrics
  • Transaction information


The vast scaling and processing capabilities make Cassandra a solid choice for IoT operations. For instance, immutable time-series data that requires near-infinite scale and resilience leverages Cassandra’s strengths. Typical IoT use cases include:


  • Aircraft sensor data
  • Vehicle sensor data
  • Home automation & utility sensor data
  • Agriculture automation sensors
  • Freight monitoring – i.e. environmental sensors
  • Logistics and location tracking
  • Smart Cities sensor data
  • Smart Grids sensor data

Social media

Sentiment analysis relies on capturing messages, posts, and sharing activity from a large volume of users in real time. Making that data and insights immediately available to other users poses massive challenges to the data infrastructure.

Cassandra is frequently the database of choice for social media use cases.


Amazon has set the benchmark of making products and relevant recommendations immediately available upon users landing on e-Commerce websites.

Cassandra powers many online stores, presenting products and recommendations based on each user’s profile that has been assembled by analysing previous purchases and website interactions. The Cassandra database is able to capture activities and present highly personalised products and recommendations to the users online in the time it takes to load a webpage.


Cassandra is the de facto database of choice for many online entertainment services including:

  • Media streaming services – capturing user activities
  • Online gaming – messaging, state storage, activities

With support for massive data volumes and horizontal scaling, Cassandra offers a data platform that will grow alongside the business.


Whether you are a company providing online security services, or managing internal IT security, there is an enormous volume of security events data that has to be captured and analysed in real time.

Infrastructure and applications create hundreds of thousands of events every day. Cassandra can capture every event and make it immediately available for consumption by the end users of your security platform.

By combining data streaming and processing technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, that information can be analysed and actioned in real time.


Apache Cassandra Services

The Digitalis team has decades of combined experience with Apache Cassandra, enabling numerous companies to successfully deploy and use this technology – in the Cloud, on premises and hybrid.

We offer the following services for businesses wanting to adopt and leverage Cassandra:

Fully Managed Services

Keep your Cassandra cluster operating 24×7 with managed services from Digitalis – in the Cloud, on premises, or a hybrid accross both. While we ensure everything is running optimally, your team can focus on delivering strategic projects. 

Our managed services align with your operational requirements and how you need it deployed. We can integrate with your existing systems, security and operational processes to ensure you have complete visibility and confidence in the deployment. 

Our managed service includes: 

  • 24×7 incident participations and recovery
  • DBA services
  • Regular patching
  • Disaster recovery operations including backup & restore
  • Monitoring & alerting
  • Integration with customer service management tools
  • Alignment with your release management and operational procedures
  • Capacity management and reporting
  • SLA adherence
  • Security compliance

    Architecture Consulting

    Our Cassandra experts will assess your requirements and design the best database architecture for your needs. We can assist with any deployment infrastructure – on premises, cloud, or hybrid across both.

    Our consulting services include: 

    • Deployment architecture
    • Security design
    • Capacity design
    • Disaster Recovery design
    • Performance optimisations
    • Patching & upgrade strategy
    • Data modelling
    • Observability design


    To kickstart your journey to continuous improvement, every Digitalis implementation project is managed according to DevOps principles.

    Our highly experienced engineers oversee every aspect of deployment including: 

    • Deployment automation
    • Security implementation
    • Patching & upgrade automation
    • Schema implementation
    • Operational acceptance testing
    • Performance testing & tuning
    • Disaster recovery process


      Digitalis Cassandra experts can train your team on how best to use, operate and architect Apache Cassandra.

      Training topics include: 

      • Cassandra Architecture
      • Data modeling
      • Installing & configuring Cassandra
      • Managing Cassandra
      • Planning Cassandra deployments
      • Monitoring Cassandra
      • Performance tuning
      • Backup & restore operations
      • Patching & upgrading
      • Security
      • Cassandra Tools
      • Application development using Cassandra


          Frustrated by the operational tooling available for Apache Cassandra, Digitalis built their own called AxonOps. AxonOps provides the following assistance for your Cassandra clusters.

          Cassandra Observability

          Cassandra Alert Integrations

          Cassandra Fully Automated Repair

          Backup & Restore Management

          Report Generation

          Learn more about AxonOps on the dedicated website.


          Happy Customers

          Aaron McKee

          CTO at Blis, location-powered advertising & analytics
          The team at Digitalis have been amazing allies in our management and optimization of our high-throughput, low-latency Cassandra infrastructure.

          Blis is the global leader in location-based data, analytics, and advertising. We help brands such as McDonalds, Samsung, and Unilever understand and reach current and prospective customers at scale.

          Our decision technology participates in over 300,000 real-time programmatic auctions a second, with a 99th percentile latencies under 10ms. Cassandra has powered each of those decisions. With such punishing performance demands and a business that values cost-efficiency, we knew we needed experts to help us get the most out of Cassandra.

          Digitalis helped us turn a costly, fragile, and slower-than-necessary Cassandra deployment into a rock-solid data layer that scaled with our business. More importantly, Digitalis was always there to help ensure the system kept working optimally and to make suggestions on how to improve our infrastructure even further.

          When we moved infrastructure from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud, Digitalis was also there to make the transition effortless and smooth.

          Digitalis gave us peace of mind, stability, and the ability to focus on our core technologies.

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          We have helped numerous companies become successful with Cassandra and we can help yours too.

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