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Why choose Apache Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop has taken powerful, affordable big data computing mainstream. A complete suite of tools to store, manage and process vast data sets, Apache Hadoop is the platform of choice for many digitally mature businesses.

Massive scalability

Built with big data in mind, Hadoop offers infinite scalability to accommodate your ever-growing data sets. Low-cost nodes can be added quickly and easily to increase capacity and processing power in line with stakeholder demand.

Improved insights

Structured or unstructured, Hadoop can accept input from all your data sources. This allows you to conduct deep analysis of current and historic data sets to extract new, valuable, actionable insights that can be fed into corporate strategy and decision making.

Cost effective

Hadoop can be run in the Cloud or on premises, using commodity hardware to expand capacity. Hadoop is also fully open source and licence free, helping to reduce operating costs and maximise return on investment.


Hadoop nodes are configured to replicate automatically within their cluster, increasing fault tolerance capabilities. In the event of failure, the data is still available elsewhere – ideal for high-availability computing applications.


The ability to integrate process and data from any source, including public data like social media, increases granularity of analysis and insights. Hadoop can be used to power a wide range of use cases including data warehousing, log processing, fraud detection, marketing and user targeting and more.


The MapCompute engine that sits at the heart of Hadoop uses a distributed file system to store every incoming data entity. Data mapping and processing take place on the same local cluster, so that petabytes of data can be processed in a matter of hours.

Fully Managed Apache Hadoop Service

Digitalis has extensive experience of specifying, configuring, deploying and optimising Apache Hadoop, both in the Cloud and on premises.

We provide complete lifecycle services for your Apache Hadoop deployment.

Deployed & managed where & how you want. 

Cloud – on premises – hybrid

The Digitalis fully managed service is designed to be deployed how and where our customers need it to be without the need to build an in-house ops team. We integrate with your tools, processes and teams. We can deploy and manage Hadoop across all your environments and choices of infrastructure.

Our team of experts will support your Hadoop platform 24×7, tailoring the service to your enterprise processes and security requirements.

Our Fully Managed Service includes:

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Apache Hadoop Consulting Services

We will assess your business goals and design an Apache Hadoop architecture that aligns with your strategy.

Your Hadoop implementation project is managed and delivered according to DevOps principles and our highly experienced Apache Hadoop engineers are involved through the entire project lifecycle.

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Deployment architecture

Security design

Capacity design

Disaster Recovery design

Performance optimisations

Patching & upgrade strategy

Data modelling

Observability design

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Deployment automation

Security implementation

Patching & upgrade automation

Schema implementation

Operational Acceptance Testing

Performance Testing & Tuning

Disaster recovery process

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