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Apache Spark

In-memory processing delivers extreme speed


Why choose Apache Spark?

In the age of real-time computing, only the fastest businesses will excel. Apache Spark uses in-memory data processing to analyse incoming data quickly and efficiently, accelerating the pace and quality of data-driven operations and decision making.

Benefits of the Apache Spark computing framework include:


Apache Spark has been designed to deliver optimum speed at all times, delivering large scale data processing 100x faster than Hadoop. The more quickly you can process incoming data, the sooner it can be put to work for profit-making activities.

Real-time processing

Apache Spark is capable of processing an incoming stream of data in real time. This opens a range of possibilities to build cutting-edge solutions around IoT, log processing and any other application that needs to be operated in real time.

Machine learning

Moving beyond MapReduce, Apache Spark also provides high level machine learning capabilities. .


Apache Spark Services

Digitalis has extensive experience of specifying, configuring, deploying and optimising Apache Spark in production environments – in the Cloud and on premises.

We provide complete lifecycle services for your Spark deployments including: 

Fully Managed Services

24×7 managed services from Digitalis ensure you realise maximum value from your Apache Spark deployment – in the Cloud and on premises. 

Our managed services align with your operational requirements and how you need it deployed. We can integrate with your existing systems, security and operational processes to ensure you have complete visibility and confidence in the deployment and monitoring of your Spark jobs and deployment.

Your team can focus on strategic projects while our engineers take care of routine tasks, including: 

  • 24×7 incident participations and recovery
  • Spark job tuning and configuration
  • Regular patching
  • Monitoring & alerting
  • Integration with customer service management tools
  • Capacity management and reporting
  • SLA adherence
  • Security compliance

Architecture Consulting

We will assess your strategic goals and design an Apache Spark architecture to underpin them.

Our design services include: 

  • Deployment architecture
  • Security design
  • Capacity design
  • Disaster Recovery design
  • Performance optimisations
  • Patching & upgrade strategy
  • Observability design


Every Digitalis implementation project is managed according to DevOps principles.

Our highly experienced engineers oversee every aspect of the deployment project including: 

  • Deployment automation
  • Security implementation
  • Patching & upgrade automation
  • Customer schema design and implementation
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing & Tuning
  • Disaster recovery process

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