Frustrated by the operational tooling available for Apache Cassandra, Digitalis built their own called AxonOps. AxonOps provides the following assistance for your Cassandra clusters.

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AxonOps Beta Released

1 Apr, 2019

Axonops Dashboards

It’s been a while since my last blog about AxonOps but we’re excited to announce that AxonOps beta is now available for you to download and install! The installation instructions are available from

AxonOps is an operational tool for your Apache Cassandra clusters – regardless of where they are deployed – cloud or on-premises. Please read my previous blog to for more detailed motivations and descriptions.

It has the following functionalities;

  • Metrics collection and dashboards
  • Log and events collection and dashboards
  • Flexible service health checks
  • Alert notifications with standard tools including PagerDuty, SMTP, Slack, and Generic Webhooks.
  • Cassandra data backup and restore scheduler
  • Fully automatic Cassandra repair

AxonOps does all of this with a very simple deployment model;

  • One agent for logs, metrics, backup operations and repairs
  • Single server and GUI service
  • Elasticsearch as a data store

We have made this as simple as possible with our APT and YUM repositories and simple steps for installation. See,

We are looking for some beta testers as we’d love to hear your feedback on AxonOps. We believe the implementation process is immensely quicker and easier than cobbling together multiple standard tools like Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, Nagios, etc, as AxonOps works out of the box with negligible amount of configurations to get going. All the charts and dashboards are laid out intuitively for managing Cassandra.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested to learn more about the product.

Hayato Shimizu

Hayato Shimizu

Co-founder & CEO

Hayato is an experienced technology leader, architect, software engineer, DevOps practitioner, and a real-time distributed data expert. He is passionate about building highly scalable internet facing systems. He came across Apache Cassandra in 2010 and became an advocate for this open-source distributed database technology.



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AxonOps is a platform we have created which consists of 4 key components –  javaagent, native agent, server, and GUI making it extremely simple to deploy in any Linux infrastructure