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NoSQL database for ultra-high performance and availability


Why choose ScyllaDB?

ScyllaDB is one of the industry’s most performant NoSQL database, delivering big data capabilities at speed. Both faster and cheaper than other systems, ScyllaDB is an excellent choice for real-time operations or applications where low latency and high availability is a priority.

Benefits of ScyllaDB include

High availability

Data can be replicated across availability zones to stop you creating a single point of failure in your cloud. System updates can also be applied to a running system without affecting operations.


ScyllaDB ensures your data is properly protected in the Cloud or on premises. Single-tenant security, encrypted backups and key management keep data safe and assist with your compliance obligations.


Need more power? Simply assign additional cores to ScyllaDB and watch performance grow up – and out. The system keeps on growing in line with your demands.


Capable of delivering millions of OPS throughput from a single node, ScyllaDB offers exceptional price performance. And with single-digit millisecond P99 latencies, it delivers your data exceptionally quickly too.

No vendor lock-in

Keep your future technology options open thanks to ScyllaDB’s design that simplifies future migrations and deployments. The system is also fully compliant with Cassandra and DynamoDB allowing you to migrate without changing any code.



Digitalis has extensive experience of specifying, configuring and deploying ScyllaDB in production environments.

We offer complete lifecycle services for your ScyllaDB project including:

Fully Managed Services

We can ensure you continue to realise maximum value from your ScyllaDB database by providing 24×7 managed services for your deployment – in the Cloud, on premises, or a hybrid accross both.

Our managed services align with your operational requirements and how you need it deployed. We can integrate with your existing systems, security and operational processes to ensure you have complete visibility and confidence in the deployment. 

We will take care of the following:

  • 24×7 incident participations and recovery
  • Regular patching
  • Disaster recovery operations including backup & restore
  • DBA services
  • Monitoring & alerting
  • Integration with customer service management tools
  • Alignment with your release management and operational procedures
  • Capacity management and reporting
  • SLA adherence
  • Security compliance

Architecture Consulting

We will assess your strategic goals and design a ScyllaDB architecture capable of helping you achieve them.

Digitalis can assist with the following:

  • Deployment architecture
  • Security design
  • Capacity design
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Performance optimisations
  • Patching & upgrade strategy
  • Data modelling
  • Observability design


Our expert DevOps engineers can assist with the initial implementation and configurations of a ScyllaDB deployment including: 

  • Deployment automation
  • Security implementation
  • Patching & upgrade automation
  • Schema implementation
  • Operational acceptance testing
  • Performance testing & tuning
  • Disaster recovery process

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