Fully Managed

On-premise, all major clouds and hybrid

The benefits of using this new breed of technologies are well proven. However, looking after these technologies brings new challenges – finding people with the skills and experience (or battle scars we like to call them!).

In addition to our architecture, implementation, and operationalisation services, our certified experts can look after your production environment 24×7 in multiple data centres/regions and regardless of where it is hosted – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid of both. Unlike other solutions, with digitalis.io managed services our customers retain the control and ownership of the infrastructure and data.

digitalis.io staff have extensive experience in enterprise IT operations and can integrate with processes, tools and adhere to security compliance that are essential to running data operations.

We ensure the systems are deployed, maintained and monitored correctly. Additionally, we have expertise on a variety of infrastructure solutions – this includes on-premise, OVH, AWS, Google, Rackspace and Azure.

We will establish a secure connection to your environment and manage the clusters with a strong DevOps ethos, with audited, automated, repeatable, infrastructure-as-code approach in place.

What You’ll Get

Upgrades & Patch Management

Latest vendor supplied and open source patches are tested and recommended to our customers. We work with customers on scheduling the implementation. With Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise, Elassandra, Kafka and Confluent Enterprise there is ZERO downtime applying the patches and upgrades.

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring & Alerting

Availability, performance, and events are proactively monitored and our on-call staff are alerted on issues. We work with our customers on defining the SLAs for alert thresholds.

Backup & Restore Management

Each customer will have specific backup & restore requirements. We work with these and monitor for any failures.

Performance Tuning & Capacity Management

Database performance is continuously evaluated and tuning is applied to optimise customer’s hardware investment.  Any additional capacity requirements are communicated well in advance.

Incident Participation

In the unlikely scenario of an incident our expert on-call staff will respond to alerts and work with the customer on finding the quickest path to recovering the services.


We pride ourselves in following the DevOps practice – everything we do with environments are automated, audited, version controlled, tested before applying to production. This includes provisioning, backups, repairs, patching, upgrades and any other operations we do.