About digitalis.io

Found out what makes us tick


The company was founded in 2015 by 2 ex-DataStax Solutions Architects who are the top industry experts on Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise products. Hayato and Johnny have been working together for over 9 years  and identified each other’s talent being the industry’s best of the breed technologists. Together they have decided to form a company to help others manage the new wave of distributed data technologies.

Our Team

Hayato Shimizu


Hayato is a technology leader, software engineer, DevOps practitioner, architect, and Apache Cassandra / DataStax Enterprise expert. He is passionate about continuous pipelines, infrastructure automation, highly scalable and resilient internet facing architectures. He came across Apache Cassandra in 2010 and became an advocate for this open source distributed database technology. This led him to join DataStax as a Solutions Architect helping numerous customers with their Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise deployments.

Johnny Miller


Johnny is a Developer, DevOps, Architect and Team Leader. He has worked with a wide variety of customers – from small startups to large enterprises. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing modern companies looking to move to an agile, always on and highly available technology estate. Prior to co-founding digitalis.io with Hayato, he worked as a Solutions Architect at DataStax where his expertise and experience with Java, distributed systems, security, Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise helped their customers grow and succeed.

Marc Magnin

Principal Engineer

From the very bottom to the top of the stack, Marc as a genuine interest in all software technology. He had the opportunity to work on a broad set of technologies across platforms from pushing IT as “heart of business” in the film industry to writing real time crisis management application for airports.
During your late nights, you might come across some of his helpful blog posts or open-source project.

Stanislav Kelberg

Senior DevOps Engineer

Stan is a seasoned DevOps Engineer with practical experience in broad set of technologies. He is an expert in systems design, migration planning, automation, cloud management, monitoring, high availability and security. Stan has helped many clients to move from the pain (legacy, manually managed infrastructures) to the promised land (effective, automated and visible platforms). He also conducts training course on DevOps transformation in his spare time.

Our Mission

We are passionate about technology, but not just for the technology’s sake. We are passionate about technology because it enables us to make difference to our customers. Our focus is a tiny slice of the overall technology stacks in enterprises – real-time distributed data technologies. However, we know this slice can make an enormous difference to our customers businesses.

Our mission is simple. We aim to make it as easy and as seamless as possible to adopt the real-time distributed data technologies into enterprises by providing our expertise in this area of technology.

If your organisation is thinking about adopting these technologies to transform your business, contact us today.

Our Partners


DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, accelerates the ability of enterprises, government agencies, and systems integrators to power the exploding number of cloud applications that require data distribution across data centres and clouds, by using our secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra.

Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra offers robust support for clusters spanning multiple data centres, with asynchronous masterless replication allowing low latency operations for all clients. Evolved from work at Google, Amazon and Facebook, Cassandra is used by leading companies such as Disney, IBM, New York Times, Hulu, Spotify and Twitter. The Chair of the Apache Cassandra Project is Jonathan Ellis, co-founder and CTO at DataStax.


Confluent.io provides an open source platform that contains all the components you need to create a scalable data platform built around Apache Kafka. These components draw on our experience building some of the largest streaming data pipelines in the world.

The Confluent Platform is built around Apache Kafka. Kafka is a high performance system for moving data in real time. From a high level, Kafka looks like a messaging system—clients publish messages to Kafka and message are delivered in milliseconds. But Kafka works more like a distributed database: when you write a message to Kafka, it is replicated to multiple servers and committed to disk. Kafka is designed as a modern distributed system: the cluster is elastically scalable and fault tolerant, and applications can transparently scale out to produce or consume massive distributed streams.